Islamic Arts Society organized the third annual Islamic arts festival in Houston on the 29th & 30th of October 2016. The event was an outstanding success and children and adults enjoyed different forms of Islamic arts including calligraphy, Ebru, henna, glass, woodwork, ceramic and paintings. Interactive sessions including demonstration of Ebru, oil painting, calligraphy and storytelling were very popular among children and adults alike. The art festival showcased the art of 30 artists and was visited by over 5000 people. The Arts Festival brought people from diverse cultures, faiths and backgrounds  together for a day of learning, fun and festivity. Many of our brothers and sisters from other faiths attended the festival and appreciated the opportunity to visit our place of worship for the first time.

Here is a sampling of the festivities in the form of a picture collage.


Very beautiful, I appreciate the opportunity to see your culture

Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful festival

Thank you for showing us your culture

This was our first visit, thank you for sharing.

Great place to come and learn about culture, religion and traditions

Very much enjoyed the unique artwork. We appreciate the opportunity and experience

Beautiful artwork, thank you for opening up your space

Very educational and enjoyable. Learned so much, more people need to see this, E Kheer

Beautiful display, I learned about the religion as well

I loved the creativity of art from the local community. The organization was amazing.

I really enjoyed the visit to this very peaceful place. Wonderful people and a good way to learn about your culture

Thank you IAS for this wonderful chance to see Islamic art and to meet some wonderful people. The artists were gracious in talking about their work

My Guide was very patient, helpful and informative. I felt like I made a friend and he makes me want to return next year with my family.

We felt welcomed and learned so much

We came from 3 hours away and it was worth it!

Lovely art! Lovely people! Thank you for your hospitality.

Thank you for inviting the community

Everyone was so friendly & Helpful

Artists were willing to accommodate

Pleasant environment, everyone so welcoming

It was nice to talk to artists

Everyone was very nice to me and my family

Incredibly beautiful and insanely intricate. Love it

Superb display of art

Unique perspective into art

Beautiful art, high quality

Impressive artwork

Absolutely breathtaking art

Gorgeous and unique

Exceptional display of art

Different styles of art is amazing

Very well organized

Very professional setup

More organized than last year

Attention to detail was outstanding

Well managed

Outstanding, one of the best art events in the nation

Appreciate kid’s activities

Much better than last year

Excellent Dawah activity

Great family event and effort










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